Wake & Bake America 1042: False Studies About Cannabis & Cops In California Must Give Back Hash Oil

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  1. Thats that supper terps. Stays sticky.. Taste on point.. What I believe makes a top shelf position.. I EXSPERIANCE it MOSTLY from natural nuts out door… Really from the dirt …. weed…

  2. Good story for James Bean at Seeds here now incase anyone wants feedback on a great place to spend your dollars I had seen someone complain about them recently about their payment process…I ordered the free pack of beans with my dude code and ordered a few other packs as well my order got messed up and I received double of one a short another and then had accidentally been givin a free 3 pack of some special deal only beans which worked out very nicely in my favor but the 1 pack I didnt recieve was the beans I'd been waitin to pop I emailed them that night about the beans I didnt recieve and first thing that next morning I got a email of my new order they were sending me followed my a email apologizing for the mistake and to enjoy my extra beans I thought they meant the ones they had already sent but they actually sent me another free dude grows pack with the right beans I had ordered and had them within the week I sent a check in the mail instead of a money order wasnt worried the whole time cuz I know they are Dgc and they are a good company that stands behind their stuff I've read nothing but great stuff from them other than the payment stuff which they are workin on but I honestly had less trouble dealing here then I have anywhere else I tried

  3. Good ole Dr. Brule….I can only take Tim and Eric in segments, but they have some good stuff as well. Been listening to a lot of RTJ, Courtney Barnett, Flume, Moon Duo, King Gizzard, and others lately but figured I'd add that in as well. Thanks for the content, take care dudes!

  4. If you want a business in china you need to have ties to the communist party. It’s there way of not letting anyone succeed who disagrees with them. We travel to the Caribbean every year sometimes twice and the foothold China has there now is unreal. They’re basically buying the islands by paying off politicians. They made promises of bringing money and jobs but they didn’t. They brought materials, workers, food, everything from China and are pushing out the locals. It’s bad. St kitts May be the worse off followed by st Lucia.

    Speaking of St kitts has such nice greenery. Our tour guide hooked us up. Sent him off with 100 bucks and he came back with a. Half z and a pack of papers for me. Outdoor grown and tasted so good.

  5. Just threw some recharge on my clones an outdoor grow..Thanks reading about micros an bacteri an now I have another tool to have the best roots,love it been watching for years an by the way I guess I should start donating to the producting

  6. zoom banned the account of the survivors of the Tia-na-nme-n square slaughter. no longer being tought in our comm-u-nist public schools, a peaceful protest, not the antifa version but the hippy sit down version of peaceful was ended when they brought in tanks and machine g-uns and started shooting the thousands protesting for democracy. its a crime to discuss it in ch-ina and its even censored here. this comment Probely be censored too.

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