Update 2020 outdoor grow gelato in NorCal

i give you a look around the garden and show you how i water This is an 18 + an over channel for medical and legal cannabis enthusiasts. Looking at life on a …


  1. Sup my bro its your buddy Larry Martinez AKA Augustine Martinez man my bro you all over there are always killing it my bro show some cooking the wax outside on them HOT ass days heck yeah bro let me know how it is to grow that gelato is it gelato#33 or no CHEERS my bro

  2. Looking good bro! Just bought the Cornbread Mafia book u recommended. I'd be interested in your mix/ feeding schedule for the humic + kelp. Keep em coming man. A lot of having a successful channel is just a numbers game. More vids = more views. Thanks for giving an East Tennessee boy hope that I can one day make it out there and make a living doing it

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