STOP BALDING! Micro Needling for hair REGROWTH! 1 year results. Do this before it’s TOO LATE

This video shows results after using a derma roller also called micro needle for 1 year to regrow hair naturally. Includes live footage. It also explains wether it is …


  1. This could legitimately be the cure to hair loss. Mean obviously your never going to have hair like you had in your teenage years but you might be able to get 70, 80 who knows maybe 90% of your hair back and keep what you've got. Ill admit the longer you have been bald or balding the longer its going to take to regrow the lost hairs but I do believe these hair follicles never die and the earlier you start doing the dermarolling the better chance you have at getting these hairs back. It is possible to regrow these hairs 100% believe that.

  2. The problem with Hair Loss is there could be multiple reasons for the hair loss. Its best to get checked out by a Doctor or Hair Clinic first I think since it can be different for each person. One person could have a thyroid issue, one person could have bad circulation to the scalp caused by heart and artery blockages, one person could have hereditary DHT problems, and another even scalp problems etc etc.

    I think the best thing you can do for your hair though is to stay positive and use positive affirmations like "Everyday my Hair grows thicker and thicker" or "I have a healthy head of hair" or "My hair follicles are repairing day by day" and use your mind to imagine what you want your hair to look like, as the mind and body are connected. I know hair subliminal's worked for me especially Akuos hair growth on youtube, because you are retraining your subconscious mind to bring positive affirmations, replacing the negative self talk you or other's may be saying about your hair loss.

    Again stay positive guys and always believe what you are doing is working, never have any doubts, and you will see great hair regrowth. As placebo effect is what will make your hair come back. Using No Fap combined with Micro needling and hair oils is such a powerful placebo from my experience.

  3. Don't forget to use numbing cream. Something with 4% lidocaine. Plenty of options in stores or online. Apply it 30 minutes before your derma rolling session, cover it in saran wrap to keep it from drying. You need to clean it off with a gentle cleanser and then go over it with rubbing alcohol to make sure all residue is off of your skin before you derma roll. Clean skin and a clean roller is very important. You don't want to cause an infection. The lidocaine will help a lot with pain. (It is not necessary but the lidocaine will make the experience much more pleasant) The scalp can take a longer needle vs the face. Do your research. A .5 mm is good for the forehead/temple/nose/chin (thinner skin). The cheeks and scalp are tougher so 1 – 1.5 mm is more appropriate. Start with a smaller size if you are squeamish to get used to it. Just had to comment a bit. I am not a professional, just researching a lot. Going to be helping my boyfriend do this.

  4. Update would be great. I’ve tried everything but nothing helps. This is the last chance. I am really suffering under my hair loss. It even goes so far already that i believe that is the reason not finding a new girlfriend. It really goes on my psyche 🙁

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