What’s good everybody 🤗 to my new and day one subscribers 🤘 . Today I went in on another cart from the dispensary and also did an unboxing/review for a …


  1. Damn bro that crazy I feel like Michigan the only place with cheap carts like you can get a really fire full gram gas cart that's lab tested for 30$-25$ from dispos

  2. Do they have deals at the dispensary you go to? The dispensary I go to in NY has them for $60 with a 20% discount. Sucks we can't get full grams her so I usually hit up family in rec states.

  3. I get my carts shipped from California from my boi who buys them from a dispensary 💯 before that I was smoking Lions Breath they have an Instagram and post lab results on all there carts. Don’t smoke hot dog water fake carts kids

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