Minister Farrakhan Reveals Truth About Trump, Antisemitism & Black America

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s May 27, 2018 address at the Nation of Islam’s international headquarters, Mosque Maryam in Chicago, IL.


  1. Wow thanks Minister Louis Farrakhan, For telling us that OBAMA asked the Africans to accept Homosexuality in order to get the money from the IMF, and made same sex marriage legal,

  2. he mixes truth with lies and is obsessed with race and worldly matters. Very simplistic, some stuff is accurate, some is clearly not. It's all worldly crap, racial crap, blame and history is much more complex and nuanced, not so simple. God is no respecter of persons, period. It's all a distraction.

  3. God has heard the cry of the people who loves people. People are hurting. Because of what wickedness greed of most people have that do not have not known God. There is no hope for this system of things to change pray for Gods kingdom to come to earth as it will be in heaven. A man must kill the sin nature in his self. Man is not God but can have the same nature of Jehovah our God which is love and Justice not by just words but action for all mankind. Who every the 144000 will be chosen from mankind as the servants for the earth. Live and love you all

  4. Farrakhan just keeping it real before Adam was black people were already here The story of Adam is about 6000 years old but we been here for millions of years, go see the oldest bones found in Ethiopia, (lucy).we was the people that white people worshiped, but we have to teach them to worship God and him alone, some of our own people need to be taught the truth of the bible because they worshipping jesus, but his name was Yeshua and the Greeks gave you the jesus word. So you not calling own Yeshua to ask the creator for you, he never said worship him but God and his alone. πŸ“–πŸ™πŸ€”

  5. Anytime a man like Minister Farrakhan comes in existence the United States Government and white establishment in This country try to silence them,but y'all have to remember that the truth stands by itself,but when reality hits this country,y'all have have to pay the price for the stupid shit.Keep in mind that a lot of people of color is turning away from America and the history of the country is mostly built on racism,dehumanization,depopulating,killing and hatred for people of color.Now the government of this country want to make Homophobic behavior the norm.But the United States should realize that anytime a person or country start doing things that's not normal,it a price to pay,when there's unnatural acts of behavior..America is building it's own grave..When karma hits the United States of America,it's from their own doing.When a country hate their own people,the country falls to it's knees and people of other countries

  6. You are educating their children. Their secrets are being revealed. This is a dangerous for them. The generation to day is less hateful than their generation. They want to continue the hat. Listen, they will be dead or incapacitated in the next 5 to 10 years they are old and desperate to raised up an army of soldiers. The danger is, them knowing who thy are. They don't know. Yo are educating them. You are educating the white race. We focus on ourselves. The strategy should be also to educate their children. EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN! There's the danger.

  7. Minister Farrakhan your words delivers black people from their state of thinking and condition, but, they overtly describe to their children and their children children and their children children children how evil they have been and how evil they still are. They care little about what we know and learn, they care more about what their people come to know, because they wanted to keep the lies intact. The biggest lie is to their own people. Their books, like American history books are books of lies. Maybe, the fear is, they see a weakest in their young. The biggest weakness to them is that they see their children beginning to truly care about someone other than just themselves.

  8. It's time for the Black race to separate from this 4oo + year old enemy. REPARATIONS, MEANING OUR OWN LAND, OUR OWN COUNTRY. 8 to 10 states and a GOOD SEND OFF, GOOD SEND OFF.

  9. Being yourself is a gift of freedom yes you are right not being yourself to get along with. The sad all around the world knowing god for yourself I'm so blessed to know God for myself Linda j peace ❀️ πŸ’―πŸŒˆ 🌈

  10. Really should do a 5million all humanity walk to fight against this problem with america is trying to put us in with wwe,following the shadow government to a abyss of hell

  11. Why can't we as black people just sit and listen to minister here what he has to say instead of claiming u do that when he finished. Most people go church for wrong reasons r u really saved no.go home and raised all kinds hell and don't like your neighbors r speak to people.

  12. It sad when u blowing ur horn for cops to help u and pass two cars running 3 light to get out the city from men walking up to ur car and u cant even take kids to summer school

  13. As a child I was taught against what Minister Farrakhan taught; however as I came to the knowledge myself, I respect his teachings. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person. There are no words to explain the anointing I felt….. I was in awe….

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