Is CBD Good For Insomnia?

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  1. Good chat. Your thoughts on CBD seem very similar to mine. I also started taking it for anxiety and insomnia.
    What I believe I have worked out: is that CBD is a super suppliment for allowing you to be the best version of yourself, in the way that you still have the same thought processes.. but the intrusive thoughts have less 'weight' to them. This allows you to articulate your own thoughts better (thus not be kept awake or woken up by your own brain).

    You mentioned a link between eating a meal on a fatigued day and feeling worse after eating. I realised that too, I think of it like putting fuel in your body right. Everyone is individual and should have unique diets. I think the food was the cause of the mental health problems for me. Namely large pimples (in late 20s), flatulence and addictions. Mentally, mood swings – inc getting angry/irritated very quickly, unable to shut down at night, waking up during night, that fatigue the next day where the sleep was not efficient, brain fog, procrastination though feeling like menial tasks are "pointless".
    After making that connection with food, I have been doing an elimination diet. Cutting out the things that gave me those physical symptoms.. not only cleared up my skin, makes me want to exercise and be productive, greatly improved my upset stomach.. but also severely reduced my mental symptoms and allowed me to sleep again.
    I notice still now that if I do eat certain trigger foods, inc dairy, gluten, spices, onions etc.. then any or all of those aforementioned symptoms come back.

    My point here is that I am starting to think that a LOT more people are having severe and varied side effects to eating certain foods, without realising it. Taking CBD in combination with that elimination diet seems to be a top way to give yourself the will power to be a better version of yourself.

    Sorry for the essay.. but I didn't want to be another person that just says 'diet and excersise!'. I think that's a gross over simplification!
    But yeh cool vid and interesting thoughts ✌🏻

  2. You did not mention the brand name. Yes lack of sleep is a big issue with me too, has been for years and i also wake up several times a night.. when one has an autoimmune and hasimotos that does not help.

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