How to grow Marijuana | GROW OP 101-SEASON 2 Episode 4 "GENETICS" | GROWERS UNIVERSITY

GROW OP 101-SEASON 2, the hit series from the GROWERS UNIVERSITY channel is back. This season we go in depth on a variety of tips and techniques that …


  1. Growmie I need some help
    one of my plants is about less than a month away and I don't want nasty tasting buds how do I flush her out shall I use water only because I fed her some chicken manure about two weeks ago and I am alil freaked out about how she's gonna taste when curing her any suggestions for me growmie I am in need of some of advice fr growmie. I am still a novice at growing..

  2. What up Sunset , i just got a gelato clone ,she's about 4ft tall ,she's in a 5 gallon pot .I want to put her in the ground in my backyard without a greenhouse .What do you think ?

  3. If those hemp seeds test good will the seeds be available? I'm in vermont and looking for high cbd hemp strians with little to no thc. I have a few strians but nothing I'm to excited about lol

  4. Yo Sunset, sweet vid man! Genetics is the key, no doubt! Your set up is spot on and many of us will follow your lead on that. I’m only growing 3 to 4 plants each year due to space limitations, but I do plan on a better grow light and will get small trays with domes to start next year! Thanks for the advise! Tons of Respect🔥🔥

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