How Lawn Mower Blades Cut Grass (at 50,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) – Smarter Every Day 196

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  1. The only thing that "supports the grass" is it's own upright position, providing it with a micro-second of inertia as the blade strikes it. If the blade is sharp, that is sufficient.

  2. Destin, I think you & what you do is so amazing, I heard about Rodney last year, but for some reason I woke up today with Rodney and what he is accomplishing with raising men on my mind, so I wanted to look him up for information on donating. When I googled looking for Rodney, your video popped up so I watched it. He (Rodney) and you blew my world up bigger and that's when it hit me! I am a single grandmother, raising a grandson who just turned 9. Ronnie has been with me all his life. I try to be both parents but I want to teach the things a father would. Ronnie pumps gas in the car, we fish, but I need something bigger for him as he likes to play video games all day. I think I will get in touch with Rodney an see if we can join his team somehow. I think that would help in a fatherly way. You are such a people person and I was inspired after seeing your video with Rodney! Thanks a million!

  3. Wow, now when I am going to cut the grass, I’m gonna feel bad, it looks so violent. it’s almost like the grass is trying to escape, and then it gets pulled up and then it’s head goes bye bye. LOL.

  4. I don’t know if my favorite part of this video is finally learning how this works… or the sounds! Are those the actual sounds slowed down? Yeah, pretty sure that’s my favorite part.

  5. I moved to the desert. I haven't mowed grass in 7 years.
    But back when i was a kid and had to cut our 7 acre field with a push mower, I thought a lot about how the blades actually cut the grass.
    When I became an adult, I thought, mainly, just a couple more years and my kids will be old enough to do this. lol

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