Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed

Rosa Koire. Agenda 2030 exposed …


  1. COMMENT TO Mary Lee's Comment with 11K thumbs up: HERE is our problem. A totally irrelevant, distracting comment, becomes The Center of your attention and energy. Stupidity reigns. God have mercy on human beings.

  2. Look at the laws in California that require high-density building in city/suburb centers all over the state-mandated – under the veil of the housing crisis, when in fact, it is exactly as Kiore suggests by Agenda 2030 – high-density preparation in cities.

  3. So they don't get Karmic Justice they have to tell what they are going to do, just like this dude dressed up like a woman wearing the Masonic purple.

  4. She just said your job is to watch the street and watch your neighbors and basically rat on them and right now everyone is sounding like a rat on these comments. Don't rat on each other rat on the people that are screwing us over. Shout out [email protected] Brown. I'm a fighter and a lover. And if anybody wants to come up with some stupid comments I have my answer ready. If I want to hear from an ass-whole all I have to do is fart. So much hate and attitude. My gosh. People!

  5. It's a damn shame that I come back here to view a reply to one of my posts and when I look down you're doing everything they want us to do. Insult each other. Attack each other. Judge one another. Yet no one is coming up with any ideas just attacking each other. This is lame we'll never win this way

  6. It is incredible, during the covid 19 lockdown, a family had decided to go to their holiday home in the middle of nowhere – in the U.S.A. Isn't it strange that being in isolation is the 'code' for keeping safe, yet they were flagged down by a helicopter who hunted them [presumably after they had left signs of taking themselves off…] and told to return to the busy city scape from which they had decided to isolate themselves… it does not take a genious to see that clearly this is a control of the masses issue, and not a health issue. Websites [and particularly on youtube] that promote alternative health, including taking vitamin C, and the usual wellbeing vitamins, as well as being outdoors -sea air etc.. as being healthy for you, have people carefully placed to ridicule these time honoured healthy ways to promote health, and often such videos are being removed as being outside the boundaries of youtube. Soon, it will be something that people as individuals will have to remember. Companies like monsanto are removing the biohealth from fruits and vegetables [and the seeds!!!] to create a hyper dependance upon them. Education is the huge area for programming individuals and the curriculum does not include traditional and basic life skills mankind needs in order to remain independant. We need people to remember we can do, and stop buying into the idea that we need to pay "someone else" to do for us. Tolerate each other, be kind to each other. Don't fall into the traps of thinking that everyone is your enemy. Mankind basically are creatures of habit, we all need, and crave, and desire peace, and simple lives lived with shared and sharing, lived with smiles and caring. Peace.

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