How I Use Notion ● June 2019

The Full Notion Course here: This is my Notion layout and set-up of June 2019. Please leave any questions in the description, happily help …


  1. Hey Francesco, nice video thanks for shaking. BTW I'm one of your followers from your Todoist era 🙂 You know what's crazy, IMO people would be interested in what you had clipped and plan to read lol 😛 I know I would be interested haha 😛

  2. I want to buy your course, but i have a doubt.
    I says $159. Are they USD o are they converted to my currency. I'm from Mexico. Maybe you can tell me how much is it worth in USD

  3. Awesome video, great content. I wonder however what your thoughts are from using the IOS app. Im trying to use my IpadPro, since ive sold my macbook pro, but cant really get Notion app to work. I struggle with clicking with the apple pencil many times and the app feels slugish and slow compared to the online version.

  4. Notion is really amazing, and I've been watching your videos to setup my databases for everything. I hope they would have a better macOS and iOS apps though…………….I prefer to use the web version, but I very much prefer a fully-offline-capable Notion app (that won't refresh every now and then).

    Thanks Francesco!

  5. Great video! Would it be possible to share your setup or parts of it as a template (e.g. with dummy data)? I think a layout like this could serve as a perfect starting point for a lot of users.

  6. Thank you so much! I have used Evernote and Mac Notes but at exams weeks stress overcame me and I found it hard to find the information I needed. Now I will recommend Notion to everybody… even If I become an annoying jerk!

  7. What aboout Privacy & Security?
    For instance, as far as I know, it doesn't have two factor authentication, yet, lacks of encryption, their employees can access your data, etc…

  8. Instead of blurring out everything you should duplicate the cards you want to show and replacing the private data with example data. It's not useful for your audience to look at blurred out content. I'm no expert in video editing but I can imaging it's not less work to edit the video instead of just duplicate the cards before filming and delete the duplicated ones after filming. But as always: love how you use notion! I think I will use an target area on my Dashboard too!

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