Grumpy Gorilla CBD hemp flower from Arete hemp

This is my review of the CBD strain called grumpy gorilla. I got this from a company called Arete Hemp. “Thanks Von”! If you are under 18 please leave my …


  1. They are releasing 3 new strains today and the Afghan skunk looks fire high terps and its a indica that stuff looks fire might be my next favorite strain.

  2. hey Taz ban that lil bitch from your channel yo, Auburnman HUNH is a lil bitch steady talking shit about Arete trying to hurt they Company, His real life name is Brad and he is a punk ass bitch

  3. Auburnman HUNH
    his name is brad and he is a pussy yall he posting links to backwoods that isnt even the same stuff Arete got no for real i just checked the lab reports lol

  4. Hey man. I was in the tobacco store buying a new vape and saw they had some what looked to be like marajuana. I asked her about it and she told me it was hemp flower. I had no idea they had this stuff out there so I thought what the hell, I bought some. Then got home and started researching it. I stumbled upon your channel and I'm glad I did. I have learned a lot and appreciate you. Just ordered an ounce of the sour space candy from monrow farms.

  5. more mildew bruh on my side, im done with hemp flower completely im just doing isolate theres been something goin on in these grow rooms the past few months that they don't want people knowin about, but when you got product like this its pretty obvious i can name off 5 shipments of trash can worthy bags and the strains and companies too i'm honestly tired of this bruh goddamn

  6. Taz, Glad yougot put on the GG its good fosho!
    I was just blazing dat along with dat Pineapple Dream.
    That Electric Buffalo is good too. I just might like the Electric Buffalo more. Its a tough call since they both good.
    You and the fam stay safe and be blessed!👊✌

  7. Just got mine from Mohawk hemp yesterday came in the mail frosted lime and Hawaiian haze it's really good I'm definitely getting taz Bundle from five leaf wellness keep it up taz 🙏🏾👍🏾

  8. Just found this channel. Got diagnosed with MS in 2017 and a few people been mentioning CBD to me. Just subscribed and looking forward to checking them out. Appreciate the laughs too lol. 💯

  9. We’ve been telling you about that Grumpy Gorilla ! It was great! I was so relaxed…I want to try the Elecktra! Can’t wait til you let us know how it is! The beautiful lil personal note and the lil 1oz budded free gift! They got me!
    Arete Hemp❤️.. Congrats to your son and pray God bless him on his next journey in life!❤️

  10. Lol 😂 I love what you do on YouTube Im starting out my podcast real soon any tips. Also check out my brand @dreamhempz and get 10% off orders

  11. It's very VERY smooth, but it makes me cough too. But from like low in my lungs by my stomach. Weird!
    Wait til you try Electric Buffalo! That's even smoother and a top shelf sativa.

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