Former Drug Addict Reacts to The Umbrella Academy (Klaus Ending Explained)

The Umbrella Academy recently premiered on Netflix, and in this video we discuss Klaus and have his ending explained. Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella …


  1. There's a big theory that Klauses powers are far more than what he is show to do and that's why he was not like that affected by the withdrawal symptoms there's this huge joke that the moment he is completely fully clean he will be able to control the universe or something

  2. It actually does say what type of drugs he’s addicted to in the show. It’s brief but “You pump yourself full of Vicodin, because you’re afraid? Afraid of what, the dark?” So he uses opiates and other narcotics. I think it’s also shown when he gets out of rehab and immediately uses his check for pills.

  3. As someone who's loved one developed seizures as a side effect from prescription drugs ( rather mild ones) I appreciate the effort to educate people especially on the topic of seizures.. I was scared shitless the first time I was at his side, though being educated in medicine/ pharmacy/ mental health/ the social field etc….

  4. I've wondered before if he has a healing factor of sorts from his powers. If hes strong enough to make Ben corporeal, to the point of slapping him and even pulling Diego, it could make sense that he might subconsciously be able to heal/"revive" himself from severe harm. Hes been doing drugs for almost 2 decades, heavily and consistently, and seems totally familiar with overdosing to the point of needing a defibrillator, yet besides being really thin and sort of tired looking most times hes pretty damn alert and vibrant. I've never done drugs, but even in "minor" alcoholics or casual/beginning hard drug users that I know it takes a more physical toll than that over almost 20 years.
    To be fair, it could just be costuming and such, something overlooked, but a lot of it adds up that way and its fitting to him.

  5. People assume that he must have been sober in Vietnam. I really doubt that. I mean, in war they even drug soldiers on purpose so they're awake the entire time for the fight…(yeah, i know, not quite like opioids worls) what i'm saying is: i doubt he didn't have any access to drugs. Opium grows in South East Asia. South East Asia actually has a dark history with opium, it destroyed social and economic structures in some regions there.

  6. Gerard way was highly addicted to Xanax, alcohol, heroine, and cocaine at the time he began to write the umbrella academy. Theories say that each character is a part of him in different points in his life.

  7. I don't think he's addicted to any specific drug, I know in the comic he ods on heroine, but that's the only specific I know off my head. I'm sure there were a lot of painkillers of various sorts, maybe some hallucinogens (certainly weed), cetainly some barbs, etc.

  8. I thought they glorified his drug use at first, Klaus was such a cool, carefree character & made addiction look easy and awesome.. Anyway, I'd love to see one of these on Mr Robot, specifically his first detox scene which was a perfect depiction of what it's really like!

  9. im on antidepressants/antianxiety meds and my perscription ran out once while my doc was on vacation and i had a misrable 2 days going through withdrawal until i finally got my refill. like feeling physically sick i could deal with but the 'brain zaps' that was bad i cant even really explain it. and this is jsut from my brain needing these chemicals i cant imagine what withdrawal from harder substances would be like with the added psychological need

  10. Yeah but technically before he did that sober arc he spent 10 months in Vietnam war, I imagine that the drugs would be less abundant there what with the war and everything so he was already doing a semi sober when he came back from time travelling and the 48hrs was just flushing the remainder outta his system

  11. It's possible that his superpowers might have sped up his recovery after the withdrawal. Not his powers specifically but none of the Umbrella Academy is quite human

  12. Hey Chris, I think you miss the part of the show at the end where he time traveled and for him he spent a couple of years in the Vietnam war. it wasnt 24hrs free drug but actually years, so I think thats why he has energy and he is only sick from time traveling.

    Love your videos

  13. I'd love to see your opinion of Luke from The Haunting of Hill House. While he's post-recovery in the main timeline they do show/discuss how his addiction has affected his family. I'd like your opinion on this family dynamic and maybe even what little they show of the clinic setting.

  14. I'd like to know a little more about Five. I'm assuming he has PSTD? I don't know exactly how to name his mental illness. There's definitely some sort of trauma there. I'd love to hear you talking about it.

  15. I mean, just a small correction. He was out for 10 months because he time traveled to the past and got stuck there for a while 🙂

    Loved the video. It's amazing. And your history is inspiring. Thanks for your video. I've never even gotten drunk, so it is nice to watch this and learn more about addiction.

  16. I think he acts more used to being sober in the last few episodes because he was transported to Vietnam for 10 months, and THAT was the period where he went through most of his withdrawal symptoms, we just don't see it. We don't see much of his time there besides his relationship with Dave, which was definitely not enough to cover 10 months of his life.

  17. I have no experience with drugs (luckily), but I wouldn't think too much about the pace in which Klaus got clean. I mean… yes, it's not realistic, but they probably couldn't have his character just sitting around. 😀

  18. Him being in Vietnam doesn't mean he wasn't doing drugs, there were tons of drugs in Vietnam. Also, when he is there you see him in a club, clearly partying. Wasn't even a little sober for those 10 months, trust me.

  19. Just a heads up, in the last couple episodes, because of his time travel, Klaus hypothetically would've been clean for 10 months prior to his return, however I'm no expert and respect your understanding of the topic much more than my own speculation

  20. This is so interesting! Thank you so much for posting, I thought it was so interesting how they portrayed his addiction and how well it was done, how they didn't let it be some comic relief thing, I definitely know way more about addiction now lol I would have loved to hear you talk about what he goes through in 'The Day That Was' and 'Wasn't' and Klaus' own methods for getting clean and reasons for getting clean. Thanks again for posting!

  21. I might be wrong, but I do believe that Klaus was clean as from Vietnam… since he was there for a year the withdrawal of the last few eps wouldn't have been that bad so it actually makes sense that he was acting that way.

  22. Klaus is honestly the best character in the show to me. Maybe because I relate to him more, not because of the addiction but the way he seems to laugh everything off and over time learns to maybe feel feelings instead of being goofy. He's a bit Jack Sparrow-ish in the way that when he tells the truth, nobody believes him. And also the whole demeanor, very Captain Jack Sparrow, but darker, and more LGBTQ.

  23. I think that part of Gerard life is represented in Klaus, he used to be alcoholic, addict to xanax, cocaine and a lot of more pills, seeing Klaus is seeing a version of Gerard Way in the shows of Warped Tour by 2003-2004.

  24. I've been addicted to benzos for about 6 years now, had an opioid addiction, used to do almost anything that came my way. Been smoking weed almost 10yrs daily.
    I think they did a pretty god job with Klaus except the same thing you mentioned of the way he acted after 48hrs of being clean BUT the circumstances of your surroundings also has a big psychological effect. He was tweakin n shit on the 2nd day but yeah partly innaccurate in the show.
    The worst of it comes in 3-4 days i'd say. or starts.

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