CompanyX Outdoor CBD Grow in the Swiss Alps

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  1. ALKi Daved the billionaire is on those mountains.SWISSXX CBD.Takes money to grow like this…but if I was a farmer and had land.i would blow it out with hemp or .03 thc cbd plants.. in America.

  2. Beautiful!!!!! Such progress in our Cannabis world. You are helping to steer the ship Remo; and have been, for many years. The persistence of people like you, is making Cannabis a normal part of our culture. Have you smoked enough CBD flowers, to really experience the CBD high?

  3. Looks incredible up there. Tell us about The Silver Haze Remo. Is she CBD rich under 1% THC? Is that through selective breeding also? Just that Silver Haze is a High THC strain from Shantibaba .

  4. After all these years of ruining people's lives the stupid governments of the world are changing. What the hell is wrong with us? Sometimes it is hard to say I am human, we are so mean to each other and nature. thanks!

  5. Country by country they are giving in to the legalization of cannabis wheather it be cbd, thc or both, and yet still the UK persists to deny and medical health benefits and persist to knock back any notion of legalization in houses of parliment. Absolute joke.

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