CBD Northern Lights 1:1 Auto by Pyramid Seeds Strain Review (8% CBD/10% THC)

CBD Northern Lights 1:1Auto by Pyramid Seeds Purchased from Seedsman Grown in 2 Gallon Fabric pot with Coco as the growing medium Was fed Megacrop …


  1. I wouldn't describe 8% CBD and 10% THC as a "CBD bud". 8% is nothing… high CBD strains are around 18-20% CBD. This also has quite a bit of THC in it comparative to "proper" CBD, which tend to be lower than 1% THC. Edit: love the content, btw, and not trying to be negative – just flagging for people who might be confused by what constitutes a "CBD bud". This is really just a low THC cannabis strain with some CBD.

  2. I ordered these exact seeds and I am getting ready to grow them next in my tent. You mentioned these NL Auto's took 87 days for harvest? Dangit man! I was hoping it would be a quick finisher like my current batch of pink kush cbd auto's (30:1 cbd/thc) which will be ready in about a week and took about 8 weeks total from seed to harvest. Your grow looks excellent though brother! Personally I tend to stay away from anything above the 10% thc mark, as it starts to make my already fragile reality a whole lot scarier!

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