Bodega owners want green light to sell marijuana if legalized

Bodega owners want state politicians to allow them to sell marijuana in the city’s 15000 stores if legal cannabis gets the green light. Workers at Anthony’s Mini …


  1. Not all but most bodegas in all 5 boroughs have been selling marijuana for many years now..Its no secret.. Some also sell cocaine and heroin.. Especially in washington heights and hamilton heights in Harlem.. And alot of the barber shops and hair salons also.. But Not all sell drugs .

  2. Don't need that type of crap in our bodegas.. crime will just increase already in those type of establishments. It'll just be a drug war just for competing bodegas.. it will promote more gang violence. Heck No! Don't legalize MJ in bodegas!

  3. The Addiction problem is going to get worst if that's possible, with this legalization of Marijuana… Addiction is the most powerful sickness that can happen to a human.. Our world is plagued by it.. Alcohol, Drugs, Pills, Cigarettes and Marijuana are the most deadly..

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