Autoflower Guerrilla Growing – Week 3 | Final Sprint


  1. Great content man. Love how it’s just uncut honest stuff and you don’t care about the “norms” of growing. You just do whatever you want. Keep the vids coming!

  2. deine Vidz werden immer besser!!! sry wenn ich auf deutsch schreib…kann man bei outdoor die Töpfe einfach rausstellen oder muss man dann extra Loch buddeln?

  3. My experience with autoflowers outdoors is that they dont produce quality bud the buds dont ever get nice dense thick and frosty like they do indoors you basically get fluffy buds. I've grown about 16 different autos outdoors and didn't get anything worth growing again.

  4. Nice video bro!
    I want to share my opinion/experience on over-feeding from point 1:49. Which is totally based on NO Scientific research 🙂 hahahaha.
    In the past years I have done research and changed experiences with other growers and seed banks. What I found out was that using too much fertilizers (over-feeding a plant) could cause salt build up in your soil. When the soil start to absorb this salt from fertilizers, the plants' roots will have trouble absorbing the water from the soil. Slowed plant growth, yellowing foliage and even plant death as a result.

  5. DAMN u really are exploding hahahaha
    btw how far away is your spot from where people can walk? are you not scared that 8 plants are gonna make alot of smell?

  6. I’d love for you to go for a walk in perhaps another town. And do like a walk round perhaps pointing out how busy your urban area is maybe try find a place as equally busy but from out side of the bush so people could get to grips with how close your really making it to places. I’m doing Blue AK, Purple Grapefruit, and bubblegum Auto all going good here tho. Good luck

  7. Nice Video, my Indicas are in week 2 and my sativa in week 4, currently the next seeds are germinating.
    The problem what I have are snails, but I found out that coffee and egg splits are perfect.

  8. Bro grow channels are usually dead, full of humourless 'experts', guerilla ones even worse as they're all suposedly outstanding in their field, but you had me chuckling.
    Good season

  9. I would love to try growing like this.. I got tons of seeds from weed I bought.
    Too bad that they are all sativas that grow to be 3 freaking meters tall of not taller 😂
    And they need a very long time to flower.. I think a bit too risky in a country that will jail you for 35+ years for a tiny bag of green.

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