cbd #flower #berryexotic #cbdhempdirect Thank you to everyone that’s been watching and I’m back with a review of Berry Exotic from CBD HEMP DIRECT.


  1. it's been a while since you made a video so if you would please could you please send me a email when you are getting ready to post a video or send it to my email that is Danny J Reynold's 37 at gmail.com that would be most appreciated

  2. I think your videos are very dumb keep up the good work keep the spirit strong keep up with the great fight list of all thank you for taking the time out of your day to make me videos much appreciated game Indiana

  3. Lil shawty you got good personality and i like your energy keep it up i fuk with tweedle farms and they kush is top notch ive sampled alot of flowers but they shit it smell taste and smoke good

  4. I'm new to the Hemp Well CBD and I actually think I'm switching to CBD because I actually like it better I just got some today my First CBD n it was this the Berry exotic that how I found you doing my research lol great video n fell in love with your energy and subscribed n hit the bell.. What are some other good strain's

  5. I’ve started to mix the cbd wax with my flower and in my opinion it makes it a pretty good sesh and I’ve have some medical type of smokers say they couldn’t tell the difference it killed both my social anxiety and my insomnia

  6. I absolutely love the 3 strains I got from cbdhempdirect. No complaints. It was here in 2 days, nice and sticky, great smell, great stuff. I'm extremely excited to try black tie next!

  7. So…I’ve watched a ton of these videos and I’ve finally tried CBD flowers. Um…I must say that I keep hearing in all of the review videos that it doesn’t get you “high” but gives off a “body high”. Well, that wasn’t my experience. I actually got high – both head high and body high. I didn’t know what to expect tbh so when that high came over me, I thought I would panic because I absolutely HATE THC, but I didn’t. I do feel like it is a controlled substance and I wouldn’t drive being under the influence. Well, that was my 2 cents. Nice vid T Ski! Can’t wait for the next.

  8. I want to try cbd products for my Anxiety!! But am worried about any Negative side effects!! I definitely don't want to feel more anxious…. What do you recommend for 1st time trying? Tinctures, flower, gummies, vape, etc? Thank you!!

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