Update! Cannabis Market STATUS, New CURE and Charlotte's Web

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  1. I really wanted to get into Charlottes Web at one time if it dropped to a certain price but with all this Chaos going on I just don’t know anymore.What do you think on CWEB?

  2. Thanks for your continued detailed video’s Gibbs…your content is consistent and thorough and is very much appreciated. Would you please do a video on companies worth investing in for the short term that will be supplying masks in a large capacity…as soon as you are aware of them? Also, what companies would you suggest to invest in for the ‘cure’ of COVID 19 regarding the existing treatment for parasites? I realize my request is somewhat premature at an investing level, but it feel like it is very close. In your opinion, would it be a pharmaceutical company like TEVA?

  3. This corona hysteria is made up to destroy the economic system. I think nothing might go up again like before. Everything invested is lost is a possibility. The elite is stealing our money!!!

  4. Test yourself with a thermometer. If you are 38+ celcius, stay home. Keep your distance from people you live with and get them tested too. Seek out natural health support first. Stop eating meat and eat plant-based meat. Try to help your body with detoxification by eating garlic for example. Check out Wimhof method. Cold therapy. There are so many ways to treat a virus naturally. Do your research. Do not go to hospitals unless you absolutely need to.

  5. Gibbs thank you for the news flash in the beginning, for some reason I trust you more then the mass media news 👍 thanks again not to mention the info on the stock market, thanks buddy 👍 again.

  6. The us is devastated by this virus. It only makes sense to take care of our own. Our hospitals don’t have any supplies so we don’t have enough to sell elsewhere and since our demand isn’t being met the companies aren’t going to lose sales.

  7. Gilbert do you want to co-operate with me for mask business , I am in Taiwan , and we can supply big quantity of high quality of medical masks ? We must go fast before the market is over , what do you think about the Idea ?

  8. It’s how you read things, don’t feel bad for the USA, we are the best in the world. USA has been top dog for a reason we are stronger than ever. Stop critiquing, one battle at a time? Please it’s a nation and like always in history when there is a supply demand it is met and above! Stick to the chronic.

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