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  1. I'm just tryna grow a plant in my garden and bedroom no way am I going to go through all this shit you're doing , this was hardly a beginners guide , you're on a way higher level .

  2. It is impossible to be allergic to dust by the way. You can be allergic to dust mites, but dust, no. As it’s mainly just dead skin, and I doubt your wife is allergic to her own skin.

  3. You need to add in your title for beginners for me it was a total waste of Time no offense to you I hope you have success with your system but deep water Hydro you might want to take a look at just it’s a very clean system good luck hope it turns out great 👍

  4. I noticed that you liked my comment, I need some help with some auto seedlings I planted a week ago, one looks fine but the other one looks weird and the first actual leaves coming out are not on the opposite of each other, some Info would be nice, I send a picture and leave my snapchat id that would be okay, thanks in advance, love your work!!

  5. 08:30 Watering frequency

    You should water these large pots as infrequently as it is possible. The plants won't be able to take up nutrients from most of the soil for a long while, so nutrients build up.

    The thing to do is water/feed with a very low concentration of flowering food that's low in nitrogen (growth) and higher in phosphorus (roots) and potassium (stems and branches), and some epsom salt (magnesium for the leaves), to stimulate root growth.

    Remember that the nutrient concentration increases as water evaporates from the soil, so a low nutrient concentration is the best way to go. 200 PPM of bloom food, and 50 PPM of epsom salt.

    And in coco, 6.0 pH throughout the grow until you have the yield you want and then start flushing to 5.0 pH with micronutrients, sulphur and silica (stinging nettle, seaweed). Keep the pH that low until all the nutrients in the leaves have been used up.

  6. I did my first Grow in CoCo Coir I bought at WalMart. I planted the seeds right in a 7 gallon Burlap Bag and I mixed Perlite with the CoCo Coir. The seed was a Feminised Autoflower Northern Lights. I got 2-300 Watt LED Cheapo lights from eBay. I leave the Lights on 24/7 From Seed to just before Harvest. I use General Hydroponics Nutrients. I use Tap Water that sat for 24 hours PHed to 6.7. I PH after the Nutrients . I use a fan blowing on the plants and I use Mylar all around her,. She Produced 8 1/2 ounces of pure Bud and another ounce of shake. I am using the Drain to Waste Method, where I have the Burlap bag in a Bin and I have a Drain tube in the bottom to drain the excess. I feed her every 2 hours with nutrients. My plants were never long and stringy as seedlings. They Bush right from the start. CoCo Coir is very Forgiving and I am on my second Grow now, a White Widow, she is just started Blooming.

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