Grow Talk 1001: Increasing THC, RO Water, Biofilm In DWC, & Enzymes



  1. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH covid-19 has struck in a terrible way here, we can't get the ballot sigs for rec marijuana in my state this year now, can't go out and get sigs anymore, man this virus really sucks

  2. The clone movement is something i keep preaching, if we all just made clones and gave them away and got them in return it would be, well, the world would be a better place πŸ™‚

  3. Ok guys so I want to be a member of the DGC. So do I just go to the sight and register. Or do I need to be patrion member to getthe free seeds and news letter balling on a budget

  4. Ive used recharge when new and results were amazing… then used 4 months later and it seemed to not work like it did at first, or at all. I think shelf life may b important for recharge

  5. That was a good show. I like the tech talk. I run a uvb light and one time a gelato started foxtailing towards the location of the bulb on the side of my room with a led directly above the plant

  6. It good to see scotty say VPD is key to growing. I remember back in the day when i brougjt it up he wasnt convinced at all. Glad to see him convinced now.

  7. Guru needs to take a look at these new chinese LEDs. Theyre using Samsung diodes and putting UV-B and far reds in them and they're cheeeeeaaap assss fuuuck.

  8. These r the shows I love the most all 3 having inputs answering questions an going into in depth knowledge which we all know is the true power of the elite growers and breeders who all win cannabis cups for a reason a high level of understanding of what they are doing giving them a closer relationship with each individual girl they grow and in return allowing her to show you her true potential (in my humble opinion) πŸ˜…πŸ€πŸ» dgc thankyou again and forget another 1000 eps we want another 3000 atleast 🀯 happy growing everyone the whole gang an community I'm in the uk so I have to hide in the shadows feel like I come to Hogwarts when I tune in secret and away from the muggleborn Brits that still think this flower is the devils harvest πŸ™„

  9. I don't know if any of you did this but I fed them so much freaking food microbes the day before I took them down right before I took them down I flushed with two more gallons of water per plant they cured beautifully California OG Haze lights were still blaring 7 gallon pots with Coco coir during the course of the week they must have got 20 gallons of water per plant of course it was dechlorinated water no chlorine chloramine any of that b***** after the Cure I must have got at least a pound 1/4 per plant the first time I ever grew OG California Haze the freaky part about it it kept its beautiful floral smell through the Cure and The Taste was right on point my theory is dechlorinated water through the full cycle of the plants lifetime

  10. There are around 40,000 people who probably consider themselves real DGC because of YouTube. That being said I'm glad you guys embrace us and continue to upload content on YouTube. Keep up the good work fella's!! Cheers from Michigan

  11. unless your through hiking then weight isn’t that important. The bladder in a Camel back is heavy. Some backpackers would ditch theirs and just use a plastic water bottle. Every ounce counts. Most people are just doing a day hike. I have never met more people that smoke more than me than on the PCT. it’s a 2668 miles trail from Mexico to Canada on the west coast. Flower in nature is unreal. Plus people can cover more miles if they have flower and music helps.
    I was always impressed by the effects of Cana. I wouldn’t eat or drink anything, I didn’t take a nap, the only things that’s different is that I used weed and it completely changed my perception. The birds chirped loader, the colors looks brighter, and my body felt better. Boom another 5 miles.

  12. Grow Hack: How to Use a UV Lamp to Increase THC Cannabis researchers in Maryland exposed pot plants to ultraviolet radiation to see what would happen. They found that increasing doses of UVB radiation, a natural part of sunlight, made the plants produce almost 28% more THC in the buds. John Lydon Alan H. Teramura C. Benjamin Coffman paper > UV‐B RADIATION EFFECTS ON PHOTOSYNTHESIS, GROWTH and CANNABINOID PRODUCTION OF TWO Cannabis sativa CHEMOTYPES paper link

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