Festival of Speed🏆 – Choosing my dream car🚘

Hey Guys! Were back for your entertainment . We have been staying at home much more often because of this virus and we decided why not get back into …


  1. Hi Janice. I loved you're video. I know this may be a little bit hard but it would be nice if you could do something like this not only for your videos but for some of Jaquies videos as well? It would be cool if you could take some of her videos and maybe put different parts of other videos she made and make one cool video that would bring some of those good old times back? I really miss her as well because she is where I met some of these other good YouTubers like yourself. I know she would want us to be happy and the reason I mentioned putting different parts of her videos together is so you as her best friend who knows her and would know how to put a message that you know she would tell us if she was alive today and here during this time. What would Jaquie say to us if she was here and alive???
    I hope you are doing okay and God Bless You.

  2. Wow, loved the black convertible Rolz! Heard some spanish or Portuguese goin on in the background, awesome! It's nice to hear that, we speak spanish in my family and it's nice to see that people still use it, I am fluent in spanish but I have 2 younger siblings that cannot speak it because their first language was english, and they completely forgot it over time, which is sad. 😔 But me and 3 other siblings do speak it fluently, I am the only one who can speak, read and write in spanish. Though my hubby is caucasian, I am starting to notice that 15 years into our marriage I am speaking so much english that I am starting to forget things little by little, I worry I will totally forget one day. My parents are from mexico, but my moms family is also spanish, so I'm thinking of learning catalonian to sometime soon, I need to brush up on my spanish so I can retain it, porque un lenguaje perdido es como borrar una parte de historia de los ancestros que llegaron antes de nosotros, hay que nunca olvidar de donde venemos, porque ellos pasaron mucho sacrificio para darnos una vida mejor. Keeping our language intact is a good skill to have and it helps us not to forget where we came from, pride in our heritage never goes out of style. 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇪🇸

  3. Janiece and Paul I am not much of a car person but I enjoyed watching you guys get out and do some things that you enjoy, the cars were unbelievably expensive and unique but I guess we can all dream, the if I won the lottery what would I buy dream. Thanks for taking my mind off the current situation for a few minutes.

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