Wake n Bake At The Backyard BCN (Smoking Club Tour & Review) Feat Respect Extracts

So while Doctor Denz and Tyler Green slept the morning away, Rizla our cannabis vlogger and flavour chaser hero woke up early and headed to The Backyard …


  1. I made a quick 500 quid profit in the last couple of days by investing in bitcoin during the crash caused by the coronavirus and put it towards bulk buying weed lol.
    Cherry Fritter/ Apple Fritter 12/10 shit same level as the plug but without the silly prices.
    smoking some english spumoni and gelato for now which isnt all that but its burning good etc ive just spoilt myself with the cali lol not much else really hits the spot nowdays.

    possibly the best stuff i smoked all last year was this apple/cherry fritter so looking foward to self isolating with it.

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