Surgeon General outlines critical next 2 weeks l GMA

Dr. Jerome Adams explains the urgency to contain the virus in the U.S. as federal health care officials continue to examine China and Italy. READ MORE: …


  1. yeah it takes a Kardashian to save the world? ughh. I bet if the police threatened to shoot to kill, then the young kids would finally take it seriously. But don't literally shoot them, then you'd be doing all the work for the virus.

  2. The surgeon general is a joke. He protected Trump and rode with Trump way in the beginning. They're the reasons things are about to get bad. They downplayed the coronavirus and didn't Express a need for social distancing. They're expressing this now …..too little to late. The damage has already been done.

  3. Soooo we should be cautious yet airports remain open? Flights are still allowed? Oh and we should test member of government, rich people but not first responders, at least not where I am at. You want to flatten the curve then stop interstate travel for 15 days. I don’t how many times I have seen vehicle from California and Washington come through. You can’t stop the spread with stupid people and half a$& preventative steps. You want to be aggressive then be aggressive

  4. Clean your bunkers of medical supplies !note to self prepare for destruction so invest in medical supply companies,farming,healthcare,infrastructure !so no masks that’s what he said!

  5. Your tick of a clown must go !remove the evil and you may have a,chance at survival !hope and pray the meteors and asteroids don’t follow this warning! No money for corporations let them eat their gold bars!

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