Pineapple Express – Marijuana Growing Explained – Week 6 – Huge Sea of Green!!

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  1. Just found your videos 👍👏
    I’m in week 6 of flower 😀
    With 4 G13 labs Pineapple Express ❤️
    These plants grow like trees 😂
    Absolutely amazing bud growth
    Growers Love from UK Grower ✌🏻
    Just subscribed to 👍👏

  2. Hey brother new subscriber here! Can you suggest a dispensary in the Downtown Denver area that has A+ nuggs? Im going to be in Town to see WSP at Redrocks in about a month.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks for the great content.

  3. Super sweet pineapple ex. Mr Wizard!! As always great job and thank you for sharing. I wonder how much of your medicine goes to smoke and how much goes to oil/concentrates??
    Keep it growing
    Peace bro. The Fl. Mountain

  4. So my 3 girls r finished week 8 today,gona stretch them till week 10, started just watering them 6.5 ph straight water,,well see where that goes,,i guess its a gradual flush,thanks for the tips brother.salud😎🙏

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