Outdoor Grow Organic Feeding S/O Kali Grown Buds and KillaShark

May26th update and organic feeding.


  1. Hey i have a question as a first time grower in california. is it too late to start in central Cali? I get like 12 hours sunlight or more and my garden will be direct sunlight? From 7am to about 8 pm. I am doing a raised bed garden 4x4ft organic compost manure and dirt. I already have my garden built and ready letting all the nutrients and stuff mix and I will be adding some more soil when i transplant my plants. I got 5 sprouts so far. It doesnt get cold in central Cali till about end of October of november. So you think there is a chance of me getting some tree by end of october or November?

    Sorry for long ass coment.

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