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  1. Great Video guys- you are doing really well with all of your animals- we are still in massive heat here in Australia like 37C so I am looking forward to some cooler weather & have started my seeds. Cheers Denise – Australia

  2. I'm so glad you said that about the heating plates. I thought I was the only one who didn't think it was warm enough for the baby chicks! After reading how great they was I thought I was losing it lol! πŸ‘β€

  3. I use a 'mama hen heating pad'. It is basically a cave made out of a heating pad and insulated with towels and wood shavings. I monitored the temp for a couple of days, and it was definitely warm enough. The littles are doing quite well with it. I'm moving them outside with their cave sometime next week.

  4. I think I heard you say you got to many meat birds. When I get them people I work with beg me to buy them, just an idea. Also those Cornish hens, restaurants might take them make a few $.

  5. Can you use the red chickens for meat chickens? I see other ppl. Using white chickens for meat chickens as well, well you just answered my question as I kept watching, please let us know the difference

  6. Cornish Game Hens are the best. I make bone broth, chicken noodle soup and matzo ball soup with it. Everyone one wonders why mine taste so amazing and that's my secret

  7. I ordered the Brahma mix from Ideal Hatchery last summer and I love all the different colors. Turns out no roosters for the dark Brahmas though so might have to order another batch this year. <3

  8. Hey dear ones, thank you for sharing your new animals <3

    In our windowsill we grow paprika now, again, and they are doing great! We will probably never be able to plant those outside, maybe when it's summer and hot… we'll see if they grow something edible this year. Last year they started, but too late, now they bloom again! Same plants even… I was always told they are annuals, but apparently they can live longer, as long as it's about 20C around them.
    For the rest, I didn't start anything yet, since our last frost date will be somewhere half May. We only planted 6 fruit trees in our community garden patch! I'm so stoked to see what will happen with those!!
    Blessings, and lots of love,
    Diana, from The Netherlands/Holland

  9. French Black Copper Marans lay beautiful reddish, speckled & dark brown eggs πŸ₯° All Marans do… but the French have feathers on their feet β™₯️ and known to be the darkest eggs.

  10. Math, what's MATH? I found this so funny. Because I do this too!! I have gone over my chick list SO many times my catalog is getting wore out! I love chickens. Getting Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese this year!
    We just ordered our TRACTOR Saturday!! Pray for us to have selected a good one! We got a Kubota B 2601. It's a package, even has a trailer, tiller, forks, bucket, and more! We have been at this for 30 + years and just getting our tractor! You guys are moving right along! GOD bless

  11. I remember when Living TRaditions did a Freedom Ranger vs Cornish Cross . They did all the nerdy chicken math and taste tested in the end. Each had their plus and minuses. They found though in the end that their Freedom Rangers had less meat then the Cornish Cross . I'll be curious to see if the Red Rangers do the same. What was the name of the chickens with the little poofs on their heads?? πŸ™‚

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