LUCID TANTRA Erotic Dreamscape of Binaural ASMR Music

Lucid Tantra is an amazing erotic dreamscape of custom binaural ASMR music. This powerful session consists of beautiful music inspired by the esoteric …


  1. This is YOUR CREATION. By popular vote (nearly 350 youtube voters) wanted a powerful dose for sleep and sensuality. As designed by you, this is an amazing sonic journey unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Put on right as you go to bed, and don't forget to comment with the amazing dreams it produces. For the world's top mind audio products, headphones, music, software, and apps be sure to visit for all our free offers happening now.

  2. This is my favorite piece to create Hypnotherapy sessions with! I’ve seen many breakthroughs and connections with spirit. I do not use it for the title purposes, but I see a creation in the future that allows for release during sessions, as love energy is the most intense energy we can create with. Namaste my friends!! Stay healthy, we need you!! 🙏🏻✨✨

  3. extension part of pleadian constellation 🎶. Very obvious. Only those enlightened like me know it though. Watch how many replies to this and claim they also knew. Sure.

  4. This is so strange. I got a call from him telling me that he loves me, a lot while I was listening to this. It was also around 11:11 Wasnt expecting this at all. I landed her out of sheer youtube streaming for meditation. Unbelievable. This is very powerful

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