Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

Before practicing the breathing exercises please watch this Safety Video first – For more info on the Wim Hof …


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    Peace, love, and cold showers! – X ❄️

  2. I'm wondering about the part 'breath in with relaxiation and breath out with stress.. I thought it was the Others way around when Wim explained it in an other video? Could somebody please help/explain it to me? 🙂

  3. Last week I couldn’t even do one minute but I struggled through the entire exercise every single day. I am sixty-nine years old and thankfully in good health from doing yoga for 90 minutes each day, but today I completed each breath hold … easily. This is an absolute treasure! My energy has shot through the roof. I can tend my garden for hours and do other chores. Saying all that to say this:

    What you have created and shared here is invaluable to humanity. You are a bold and brilliant light. You are giving us just what we need, exactly when we need it most. When this global issue has passed, I will expand my studies with you. It was so full of loving kindness for you to decrease the cost of your classes online. Thank you is inadequate. May you continue to guide us all in your powerful life mission.

  4. When I first started doing this excercise I was able to hold my breath for almost 2 minutes. My hold time has decreased 1 week after doing this daily. I can now hold my breath for 1 minute. Why has it decreased? I havent changed the way im breathing.

  5. Why is this making me anxious instead of relaxed? I need help. When I hold my breath is fine but when I breathe in that rhythm it’s super uncomfortable to the point I toss my legs around. Is this just lack of practice?

  6. Bro, for the whole of my life the longest I could ever hold my breath for was 27 seconds, but I followed this whim hof video for 3 rounds and I held my breath for 1:55 seconds no sweat, it was amazing.

  7. Just started doing the breathing exercise and wondering how often I should be doing them? Presumably there's no harm in several times daily but is there an optimal number? I've long been a cold showerer and once all this lockdown nonsense is over, I'll be heading down to the sea for a cold dip too.

  8. Before doing this breath I thought it was impossible to hold breath after exalation this long, I tried and held 20 seconds with pain,
    But when i did it, I held my breath 1 minute, 3 times longer !! And during the last round I held my breath 90 seconds ! Unbelieveble !
    And after the end i felt so relax and amazing !! Just WOW ! This breath works !! This is easily the best breath I ever tried !

  9. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! I appreciate you man. You have become one of my heroes and someone that i look up to. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with the world, specially now in this time of need. I wish you the best in life and hope you accomplish the goal that you have been pursuing all of these years.

  10. Hi Wim – can I ask if there’s a exponential benefit doing your method multiple times daily, or do you suggest a fixed number of times at specific times during the day?

  11. What weird is that after about 20 seconds into the breath hold, I get the feeling I need to breathe, but if I hold on it goes away each time at about the 45 second mark, and I can go the distance with ease

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