Gregory Rigano On Experimental Wuhanvirus medication

Laura Ingraham segment with co-author of experimental wuhanvirus medication.


  1. This guy is a fucking FRAUD— from his pseudo credentials, fictitious associations, and his tragic understanding of experimental design. State media doesn't really give a shit that this information is premature at best and dangerous at least. This guy is just a trumpian charlatan trying to profit off of a serious situation.

  2. And he we go folks – heartless, greedy a$$hole$ taking advantage of people's fears to inflate their off-shore accounts. It ranges from televangelists asking for cash to be spiritually cured, to full-on bullshitting con artists like Gregory Rigano. And why are so many Americans falling for this crap? A combination of overdoses of misinformation and an education system which has been deteriorating for decades. After all, over 60 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

    Need I say more?

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