Dry herb vaporizer review: Flowermate (2019)

This Marijuana Vaporizer review is for the Flowermate V5.0s ! My favorite dry herb vaporizer under $100 ! The flowermate v5.0s is cheap, user friendly and …


  1. You’re meant to put the stainless steel plating in before you put your flower in. It’s not meant to go in between the flower and the mouthpiece

  2. Still wondering…after all these trees you've burned, how many times have you failed a urinalysis?? Your reviews are the best I've seen so far on CBD flowers✌️

  3. Hey man haven't heard back from u emailed a few times hope all is well cbd hemp direct is put of Charlotte sauce u know any other cheap ones I'm almost out and panicked

  4. The user guide that came with the product sucked. Thank You as always. I am doing good without the antidepressant. Used my Flowermate last night with Tweedlefarms Cherry Wine. Haven’t got my HempDirect goodies yet. But slept pretty good. You are great 😊

  5. Another great review man. Very helpful to those new to vaporizers and especially this one, I’ve actually had a Flowermate for around a year now and I love mine! Not always trying to leave long comments or anything but I have to be honest, I’ve always rolled with zig zags, white owls, backwoods, games sometimes, stuff like that. As weird as it sounds, i’ve never actually had a swisher before lol, so I got a pack of the sweet cream swishers, had to try them and I honestly believe these are my new favorites by far, they’re so heavenly in taste. Thanks for the good recommendation Johnny! Haha.

  6. Great video brother but one thing that I wanted to know about the vape, does the smell still smell like bud or is it good to go for public use? Thanks for doing that video fam. Starting a new job Monday doing the same shit I've been doing but just mo-money, first pay check, I'm going to get me one too. Thanks again, if I lived near ya, I'd blaze with ya bro. You wouldn't happen to live near Houston would you? 😂✌🤘

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