Applying Lime Treatments to your Lawn — Expert Lawn Care Tips

Find more information about lime treatments and other lawn care techniques at Maintaining a normalized pH level in your lawn …


  1. I was told by an employee at Lowes to lime my 2 month old celebration Bermuda now in Aug as well all my 50 wax myrtles. Ph on shrubs is a 3, ph on bermuda turf is 2 to 3 depending where I probe. Question is it ok to lime now in Aug? I'm in East Tx and we still have 90 to 100 degree heat? Weve spent over 20k on the sod and shrubs and I would hate to burn anything.
    Note wax myrtles are thinning and not vibrant green like they should be.

  2. wondering if lime is bad for humans or animals, the way other lawn chemicals can be. i avoid using chemical weed killers bc i don't want cancer. will i find out right after applying lime it causes cancer?

  3. How do I get my lawn soil tested it has hardly any grass it's all weeds very thin and should I use should I use a seed slicer I don't even know what type of grass I have please get back to me and let me know if you have any symptoms I live in Pennsylvania if that should help thank you

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