20 facts you need to know about White Widow | Strain Facts

It’s one of the most famous strains in the world, getting its name from its crystal-covered buds – that make it appear almost white. White Widow is now legally sold …


  1. i remember it was winter time 2008, first and from what i remember my last time i ever got to have the pleasure of smoking White widow. till this day it was one of my favorites of all time and when it became such a challenge and mission to even find this strain and hearing over and over again. that no one has it and hasn't seen it in years back then. i never thought i ever see it again.

  2. Im smoking a gram pre-roll of the strain right now and even tho Ive been well aware of it since the 90's ive only smoked it a handful of times and not for years before today. Its my b~day so i was gifted a pre-roll of it and 1 of Lemon Skunk. Most places i look say its a balanced hybrid but at the dispensary i got it ( MedMen ) they have it listed as sativa dominate. Weird. Overall i was pleased. Only thing i was a bit disappointed in was the thc was 15.5% and for a billion dollar chain like MedMen i feel it should have at least been average for the strain which is 20%. My Lemon Skunk will make up for it. It's 26%.

  3. I tried this strain not too long ago, needless to say, it made my neighborhood(in the morning) look way prettier than it actually was. Also, it smelled like candy.

  4. I have greenhouse seeds white widow and everything is right so far except the taste!!
    My pheno has a tiny hint of citrus!!!
    I can’t ever get rid of my mom!!!
    Love my white widow!!!

  5. I've grown the Dutch Passion version big buds skinny branches that fall over definitely needs a trellis and you can get regular seed so you can breed your own strains if you want to or bx it definitely a favorite and tastes fantastic in organic gardening

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