Woolie VS Death Stranding (Part 56)

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  1. Once I got the ability to cut BT cords I almost never used hematic weapons. it's really not that hard to get close to most BTs unless they're floating above some hill or are the special types

  2. Two couriers, one of them wearing an old world flag, fighting under the storm tossed skies at the end of a long and lonesome road in a place where America sleeps. A story I have heard told before….maybe not quite like this though.

  3. In regards to the "Dead baby retcon" Woolie often mentions, it's not like Limbo doesn't exist, but that simply souls of the babies who died before being baptized/aborted would fall under the same conditions as the souls of the righteous that came before Christ, which he claimed during the time he spent dead. So it's not like they stopped existing, it's just that they're given a post-mortem baptism. When the Catholic church stated there is no limbo, what basically meant was that God would not be as cruel as to just close the gates on kids that had no say in the matter.

  4. So Sam want's to spread America westard…but there's "ghost" and "monsters" in the way he has to wash out of existence otherwise they'll sully the lands they died on….even the baby ghost must die

  5. Edge Knot city seems to be San Luis Obispo/Morrow Bay– literally an hour's drive away from me…
    it's boring as shit, and I would be impressed if, in the future, they had that many buildings as we saw in the Jellyfish BT sequence.

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