What's in the box?! Vape Juice Review: Main Street Vapor, High Class Vapor unboxing

There are boxes. Boxes full of vape juice. What vape juice is in the box? How will I find out what e-liquid lies within those carboardy walls? WELL, this video …


  1. Hi I was wanting to buy a quad or triple battery squonk mod.
    Just for the fun of using it.
    Do you know of any good ones I could check out?? Like a sexy one. Iv got ohm boy duel batt in mind??? But still not sure??would love any advice you could give??

  2. In need of help!! I've been vaping for about four months now. I've noticed that I can only vape on a flavor for about a week and it starts to taste burnt, even with a new properly primed coil. So I try new flavors, here's my problem, I went back to a flavor I haven't Vaped on for a month….right off the bat it tasted burnt, with a new coil….like dry hit bad, this has happened with other flavors too. Why is this happening? What can I do? I want my favorite flavors back!!! Please help!!! 😭

  3. Have only ever tried 2 tobacco flavored juices, both of them after watching "What's In The Box" and adding them to my box at the suggestion of Chris and Ian. Wasn't really sure if i would like them, but WOW! I actually enjoyed them. I'm going to try this Light Tobacco by Smokester, simply because Chris and Ian recommended it. They haven't steered me wrong yet, so I really trust in their opinions. I actually got Urban Lights in my July Zamplebox, and totally agree, that flavor is delicious. A litty bit of menthol though, and OMG!!! Keep up the amazing work on the videos, and keep my Zampleboxes coming. Going to be a subscriber for a long time as I absolutely love it. If you haven't subscribed to get amazing juices every month, then what are you waiting for? Just do it!!! Looking forward to Guilty Pleasure and Butter Pecan as well. Only hafta wait about 20 more days for my box, and then I will be vaping pure deliciousness!!! Luv ya guys!!

  4. Agree with you both on the Tobacco flavor, love the tobacco flavoring honestly what keeps me going back to the old cigs. Still searching the impossible search though of finding a tobacco flavor that mimics the taste of a Newport…oh how I miss my old love!

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