Wake & Bake America 826: Federal Legalization, Driving & Cannabis, & Politics Of Cannabis



  1. you guys talk about white and black ash and organic or synthetic feeding or hydro or soil frown, but i was wondering why cigarette have completely white ash if there is lots of chemicals in it still? and is that have to do with moisture? i have had white ash and smooth smoke off weed iv'e flushed and cure but if i smoked it when it was slightly wet still or even just a bit gooey, smokable but not dry or cured it can sometimes have darker ash.. @dudegrows
    great show guys, keep it up!

  2. Does anyone know that wrestler from WWF (wwe) names Vader? He was a fat bald guy strong as f and wares a mask during his entrance? Well I just Found out he's from Boulder Colorado isn't that with Scotty's from? I thought that's pretty crazy

  3. 2:53 that’s my nug! ✌️ Thanks for the shout-out πŸ™ That’s a bud of Pookiez (I reversed a forum cut clone and pollinated a purple punch). The macro tubes are cheap lens extensions, like under $20, that you can use to take macro shots with the lens you already have.

  4. @Scotty. The consistency of hash is too do with if its the first shake or the last. First shake being the best, which can be blonde or oily depending on how its been made. Stuff called sope bar( because of how it looks) is the last shake stuff and is shit hash. Most if not all hash in the eu is from Morocco or from around India.

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