The finale to the Arnold rimmer garden. Stay turned to the channel for upcoming plans.


  1. It's obviously the plods… Why grow so near a main road? Fuckin helicopters clocked Ur grow and sent in the footsoldiers. Haha they even left u a lil smoke.

    Better luck plot hunting next year….. WHAT YOUR GOING TO RISK THAT SAME SITE NXT YEAR?

  2. Mate I feel your pain it happend to me last week lost 25 all together I just don't understand why people have to do it for just keep going mate I'm already looking for new places and next year will have 3 different locations but still I know the feeling of your hard work being dug up in the night also half of mine wasn't in flower there's just some stupid lowlife people out there mate

  3. Next year, when your at your plots recording, don’t speak and add the voice over later when you get home. Got to be quiet at plots. I was prepping a new plot I found right by a cycle path and I had my earphones in listening to music, one got pulled out by a bush and I could here some kids shouting to me, they couldn’t see me but could hear me. Now I only have one ear listening to music and other listening out for people

  4. man , i laughed so much watching this. i told you they would be back again. sorry to hear about the trail cam . did you climb a tree to position it ? neever mind . now ive seen the road and the grass , i get the feeling that its more likely a random person/persons .

    still i laughed , after all the abuse those poor plants went through . to get dug up . im still laughing. your right they plan to replant them in order to get another imaginary harvest . hope they have an indoor grow for them and a lot of love and care to bring them back from shock . how much time do they think there is left in the year to keep growing them. mind boggles .

    still , they left your buckets . silver lineing. they wont be back again. those plants are dieing in someones back garden right now coz they plan to replant , yet dont know anywhere. by the time they borrow a spade and dig there first hole , they will realize its not that easy digging holes . once the plant goes in , itll be nearly dead and then the frost will wipe it out. thats my guess on the story .

  5. Bro you need to be sneaky as fuck now … change your schedule to checking on plants i bet its someone in your area who knows you and been watching your vids you don't want auto garden stolen aswell mate

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