Should we let the buck BREED the baby goats?

Stella & Fern are both officially ONE YEAR OLD. We raise goats for milk, and now we need to decide when to breed them so they can have babies & produce …


  1. I wonder if you all still raise feeder chickens? I remember videos of white chickens and processing them a few years ago, but it could have also been some weird dream I had. Or maybe the audience just doesn't want to see animals for consumption.

    Either way, I love the videos and your wonderful family!

  2. hey i have bin watching some of your videos and i have herd kevin say that the hay feeder is very anoying and i have a thing that u could use so all it is a net that u can buy a at trackter suply or any farm animal store and its call a hey net and u can tie it up to anything and u just put the hey in and its awsome and it normaly lasts all day for a horse but u will need like fouse of them for all the goats hope this helps and have a nice day

  3. Don't breed the young goats unless they are of age. It's better to wait till they are older than try a young mother. Sometimes that last 6 months will make a huge difference in the long run.

  4. I really appreciate your videos. I found you about 2 years ago when I got my 2 goats and I was looking up delivery videos and fell in love with your channel. My kids named our 1st baby goat Willow in honor of your Willow. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks so much!

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