Medical Marijuana Garden Walkthrough

Back in Colorado Springs taking a look at 420 Hydro Kings medical garden


  1. I would add bleach to them and kill the bad bacteria it’s safe I add 5/6 drops per gallon to my hydro the plants have green algaeon the they need to be kept colder so it don’t grow on them

  2. if he went to soil and created his own mix, 100% his cannabis would look way bigger and healthier. Not going to lie his stuff is looking sick and not healthy. having to worry about ppm and salts and worrying about if giving to little or to much cal-mag or other micro nutrients Also using nuke em is probably not helping. I stopped using synthetic nutes after my 2nd harvest and haven't went back. learning about soil and the interactions the plants have with bacteria and fungi which help the plant is pretty amazing. SST and CPT. Such as Alfalfa meal having growth inhibitor which help the plant etc… So much info to learn about real organic.

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