Mars TS-3000 VS HLG-550 RED V2 Grow Light Comparison

Both are big LED Grow Lights … enough for a 5×5 ft area (1.2 x 1.2 meter). Both are popular best sellers. But one costs twice as much, so this result is interesting.


  1. Honestly the mars hydro beats the hlg twice over.
    My reason you can get two of them and flower twice the area and grow twice as much for less. Regardless of the lifetime of the leds they are efficient enough to still make back the investment and a larger profit margin leaving the hlg to be nothing more than a good look.

  2. hi nice video good English but bei dem Akzent, Alda machs auf Deutsch! Nein quatsch aber ich hab zuerst gedacht du wärst ein Ami und irgendwie dachte ich man das hast du doch schon öfter gehört, der gehört nicht nach Amiland und ist auch kein Tommy und dann hab ich nachgeschaut und siehe da; Kanalbeschreibung in Deutsch. Nein, aber dann brech ich mir auch keinen ab und versuchs auf Englisch. Gutes Video, ich überlege gerade an einer 2000er für die Fläche 1,2 auf 1,2, hast mich auf jeden nochmal dazu gebracht mir das vor dem Kauf nochmal zu überlegen. Danke dafür. Abo ist raus.

  3. Great video! I recently got a 240W Meijiu QB with V3 Samsung chips. I would love to see some analysis on the latest version of their chips. I feel like the board is pretty great, but I haven't seen any test results, plus it is my first grow so I have no basis for comparison. I believe I read that they're supposed to be 7-10% more efficient than V2, but I think that's a claim by Samsung.

  4. Awesome video and test. One thing to consider, the HLG is set up too close in your test and the par value in the middle is too high. People will likely hang it higher and it will be spread out more meaning more of the light will be hitting the walls and bouncing back. If you do a test like this one again it might be worth calculating the efficiency like you have and then do it again with the centre par reading set the same and set close to the max plants can take.

  5. Thanks for the honest review , one thing we want to make a clarification is that the lifespan won’t be less than Samsung is that we use over 1200 pcs of the chips on the board, we use less amps(nearly half of which the Samsung chips uses) to drive each chip so that each chip is less than 0.5w, this will ensure each chip at lower wattage pressure and gain longer lifespan .:)

  6. My mars is cheap and has got me lbs . AMD I only paid 30p for the whole setup tent and fans lights and carbon filter. And in take fan on Ebay… used and I cleaned it all. Havent bought anything new other then organic nutrients

  7. Thank you for the review man.. i was in between of these two light and now i know made the right decision getting quantum board that has lm301b samsung diode. i was gonna upgrade the rest of my COBS with quantum board so i was thinking about MARS, but now i will stick with HLG products. hell, these light made my COBs looks like a joke with 100watts drawing power.

  8. As always another great video !! Thanks!! I like that you make sure everyone can understand the formulas you used to get your results !! Was looking at the Mars TS 3000 but since watching this video I think my decision has been swayed from your comparisons and I think the HLG is a much better light !! Cheers and Happy Growing !! ( from freezing cold Nova Scotia )

  9. Hello there!!! In order to be on par with what the companies intend, you should really make a 1 m2 case(square) with reflective material as the companies suggest anyway for the grower to always use this material and moreover, this is how they make their own measurements. The Migro channel that you mention in your video does it like that. You are both honest people and that's what counts!!! Please also make spectrum measurements(if you can afford a spectral meter). Thanks!

  10. I am not to happy with the light penetration of the LED Quantum boards. And also i don't think having the red lights mix in is smart b/c if you watch the sky thru out the whole day after a while you will notice that God puts the Red in the sky to communicate with the plants. I like white full spectrum and @ night i turn on a red to tell the plants to go to sleep. Having the red on @ all times i say confuses the girls. HLG is the bomb if you want the best deal on HLG lights go here

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