CBD Hemp Buds. Charlotte's Sauce. 17.1% CBDA

Charlotte’s Sauce cbdhempdirect. Nice assorted buds. Moist and Sticky. Pine,sour,and fruity Aromas. Each bud is different. Promo code Cbdvip. 10 % off every …


  1. The yellow is interesting. Years ago I heard our gov. was growing pot for whatever reason, and it was yellow, so the gov. could tell if it showed up anywhere. It was more than 20 years ago I heard it and it might or might not have been true. I forgot about it till I saw the yellow bud! It is not possible imo that those 3 buds came from the same plant. Have you tried to just use one bud at a time and see if the results and taste are the same. Maybe they are grafting plants. I have grown a lot of plants and none ever had such a difference in the bud colors like that. Very full of crystals and the buds look tight. Even the yellow looks great except it's yellow. I would think it had a major deficiency because it isn't green. Even purple is green until the end. If it doesn't crackle and burns completely it is probably organic. Also shouldn't make you cough very much. Stay happy!

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