Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Johnny B’s Update

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  1. good tip, smoothies or anything that is non-alcoholic, and why would we want to take a high[reefer], and mix it with a low[alcohol], which is a depressant and a downer, and a bummer, to say the least, as alcohol, kills one person, every 90 seconds, worldwide man, 3.2 million a year. ha ha, i could see the alcohol industry putting out a new ad campaign that states, CANNABIS DOES NOT KILL ANYONE, SO TRY OUR BEVERAGES THAT SUCCEED …….!
    folks, i gotta say, it was only after the first year of no alcohol that i finally could see the pull, the draw, the insanity, that alcohol causes to every single idiot that uses it. i dare ya, anyone reading this, i dare ya, to go one month without that shit, i am going on 3 years now, and it is like, i feel dorothy in the wizard of oz, laughting and dancing down that yellow brick, cannabis laden road……!!!! yeah man!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey, i am subscribed and the bell is clicked and again, some dicks at youtube have failed to send me a notice, hmmm! And, it is totlally amazing how our plant from god, has to be put under such scrutiny, with a price war over such a simple thing, a fucking plant that grows from the soil, ha! Wonder what would happen, if by some bizarre discovery, that grass clippings from your lawn, turned out to be some kind of excellent high you could get when you boil the clippings, dry them, and smoke them, what then would the powers that be in dickville do?
    declare all lawns government property? put a tax on our yards? fine dogs for leaving a turd on the grass? where does it end? it may be just the time to start policing the politicians and scrutinizing their existence in the first place……..!

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