2-Minute Neuroscience: Serotonin

In this video, I discuss the neurotransmitter serotonin. I cover serotonin synthesis, the primary location of serotonin-producing neurons, serotonin receptors, and …


  1. its very simple and helpful, i love your video <3
    just an addition: 14 different receptor subtypes, but the last subtypes (5-ht5b) only identified in rodent. so only 13 receptors identified in human.

  2. Very clear and easy to understand. Thanks. I am attempting to improve my own brain function and increase productivity so I thought I should learn how my brain works first. Your videos help tremendously

  3. love ur stuff u got talent for this. very into depth yet still keep it simple enough to follow ! it would be cool if u can touch on the 12 cranial nerves , path of sound waves,limbic system or even the Nervous system division not sure if you have done this but it would be great if you can do some that u havent touched on.

  4. I love all your videos! It has really helped me understand and reinforce my knowledge on concepts of neuroscience. I am a 15 year old school student and I aspire to be a neurologist, and I can't thank you more for your videos!

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