💚 Canopy Growth Stock Versus Aurora Cannabis Stock ❗ Best Marijuana Stocks In 2020 💚

Monk’s Market Mastery: ❤️ Monk’s Youtube Mastery: Webull Investing App: It’s been a year …


  1. I like these videos and i understand his hustle but his training videos are a scam to get your email along with anybody else asking you to sign up for classes. If you truly want a class then go to college. I just think there to much of the "sign up for classes" just to much of it just to get peoples data

  2. Just subscribed man! Great video and everything was very organized. I've been in this sector for quite a while and you got all the facts right.

    Only thing is that you should have mentioned is that there are hardly any stores open across Canada. Especially in Ontario where we have a huge population. That should change soon as well spiking revenues.

  3. Excellent vid overall, please note SAFE banking act only passed the house, it did not "pass in America." The senate, which is republican controlled and with Mitch McConnell at the helm–who's usually anti weed, will vote on it by the end of the year:)
    Thanks fO the info!!!;)

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