Wild Edibles: Using Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed, The underground part of this herb has already been used as medicine for thousands of years, mainly treating Lyme disease, cough, joint …


  1. Thanks, looks scrumdiddlyumtious. Does the steamed version have a comparable taste to any vegetable that might be known to me ie. asparagus or rhubarb or something like that? As an aside and bearing in mind that JKW is public enemy number one in many regions, it is probably wise to check that the area hasn’t been sprayed with poisons, and don’t plant it in the garden or you may have a job selling your house.

  2. Been suffering from tick bites for 17 years. Been using black seed oil on my cysts from the tick bites and going to try CBD pain salve. Maybe this will help too. I was tested for lymes but came back negative. I believe there are certain strains of tick bacteria that do not show up in the tests 😔

  3. That dessert looks freaking delicious. 😋

    I see this stuff near Muskogee lake every time I go to my "spot". It's been over 5 years since I've gone camping there, but it probably still grows wild there.

    Great video, Lindy. Thanks.

  4. Amazing!! I love your Channel!! I saw someone saying what a wealth of knowledge you are!! I have subbed and hit the bell! Sharing with my family and friends. This topic has always interested me, but I’ve not studied it to much extent, may you be richly blessed!! Thank you!!

  5. Hello,
    As always, you are awesome! I really feel that I need this edible in my reach. I live in Tennessee and I haven’t heard of this plant before. But from watching your video and doing a bit of research, I need to know where we can purchase the Japanese Knotweed plants? Thank you so much for all you do! ♥️😇✝️

  6. I went to a farmacy here in austria to buy ingridients for essiac tea and i also asked her if she has knotweed, and she told me that japanese knotweed is forbidden here because it is poison. Can you imagine? Now i am afraid if i have the correct messurements for the essiac tea. I dont trust them anymore. Dear magicalhoof, can you please give me the exact messurements for essiac tea? 🌹

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