Vaping-related lung disease is killing people

Vaping was initially marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, but a mysterious illness linked to vaping has so far killed six people in the US. #vaping …


  1. They say they don't know why its harming people? Hmmm… I quit smoking cigarettes years ago and my lungs feel so much better. I also dont get colds as often and when I do it doesnt last as long. I breath so much better. My opinion is the illnesses are coming from the juice. Vape legitimate premium juices from the US and not the crap sold in a gas station. Know your ingredients. Period.

  2. I honestly don’t buy the scare tactics. I think that this is more than likely to be related to big tobacco trying to scare people away from a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.
    Here’s the thing, though: Vaping is bad for you. Smoking cigarettes is worse for you. It’d be better to not put any foreign substance in to your lungs.

    Y’all stay safe and healthy out there.

  3. All this is because Big tobacco companies like blu arent no where near the competition of other vape products; they are making heavy losses. Remember in the past, big tobacco companies have had many instances of having doctors pushing for smoking analogue cigarettes. They will do anything to keep regular cigarettes in the game. All these illnesses are all due to THC, mixed home e-liquids or some form of self made product that these teens are vaping from. This is why if you google any of these illnesses , not one article can name a specific company device/e liquid flavor to be the blame. Some articles blamed that people smoked vitamin E oil. Who the hell if does that in the vaping community. I have been vaping for years , and they are comparing 400 deaths over millions of vapers around the world to stop people from vaping which is an essential alternative to stop from people smoking cigarettes then you know what is going on. And for those who say ive been smoking regular cigarettes and nothing has happen to me, get yourself a chest x-ray. you may have not experienced anything, but your lungs will look like a black shithole; aint no way around to get away from TAR.

  4. As A Former Smoker! I see why Vaping is Killing the Kids. A Smoker Would Know! You see the Smoke Clouds that Come's From These Vaping Pipes?? All in All from A Former Smoker&Tobacco
    Farmer!!! Vaping & Smoking Any Form of Tobacco"'Weed & Or Nicotine! over A Long Period of Time, The Smoke & Soot destroy the Lungs among other Diseases A Person can get from many years of Smoking.😎

  5. Both FDA and CDC have said they can't find a link to these illnesses with legitimate vaping products. These underaged kids are getting sick from vaping on street drugs (THC). Why is the media so stupid and embarrassing their professional integrity by reporting half truths?! I consider it ridiculous propaganda, as well as complete defamation to an industry that has SAVED lives from continuing to smoke cigarettes. Guess what's going to happen if they ban the majority of the vaping products? They're going to go back to cigarettes and tobacco! I wonder who's going to reap the benefits of that aftermath? Stop and think about that one for a moment. I also blame the vaping industry, because they HAVE MONEY, so why not fight this?! Don't give me the crap about grassroots following either because its done absolutely nothing for the industry. I'm just really tired of defending against media reports on their half ass'd so called professional integrity to people who should also be researching this for themselves.

  6. Lol cigarettes kill more ,when I use to smoke I was coughing up dark loogies and had shortness of breath, I switched to vaping and it stopped. Common sense will say vaping is healthier them cigarettes. Sold out politicians

  7. This is because there are illicit black market THC cartridges that contain Vitamin E Acetate in them (a fatty oil) recently flooding onto the streets. FDA stated as much. Regular vaping has been around for years and nothing like this has happened. Legitimate nicotine e-liquids (FDA regulated) do not contain "oil", they are made with food grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both of which are water soluble – thus they won't clog your lungs causing lung failure like these illegal THC cartridges. Legitimate, legal vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes (per the Royal College of Physicians).

  8. Interesting no where did they put that all the ones getting sick, or died, all vaped THC they bought off the streets. As well, how is it before the cartridges filled with THC, no one died?

  9. Actually people are dying from vaping counterfeit marijuana oil. It's a booming business in America and people cut corners and mix dangerous chemicals. Tobacco companies have nothing to do with this.

  10. USUAL SUSPECTS: the tobacco-mafia industry. They don't want competition, that's the oldest motive in the world. They – the government mafias intertwined with private corporations mafias – don't want to lose out on the massive tax margins and profit margins they've been cashing in on for 100s of years prior to vaping. So, what do they do? CREATE A SCARE. How? Buy up/set up a few vaping manufacturing companies and DELIBERATELY infect them with lung-related diseases, and use their CONTROLLED MEDIA outlets to coordinate a PR attack on vaping… that's what this is all about. The governments and corporations mafias have been in PANIC MODE since day one of the vaping industry. Their main concern was, and still is, HOW DO WE TAX VAPING? 100% FACT. Look it up.

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