UK election: Lib Dem manifesto calls for ‘sensible’ cannabis policy – BBC Newsnight

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson speaks to Emily Maitlis, as her party launch their election manifesto. Subscribe to our channel here: …


  1. She's disingenuousness. Look at her voting history, how she voted for wars, student fee increases, social care cuts over her political lifetime. Don't vote for this fraud. Vote Labour or independent. Not this wolf in sheep's clothing.

  2. Shame on libdem The son of Iranian Supreme Leader’s representative in Manchester has been selected by Liberal Democrats as a candidate to run for a seat in the British parliament.

    Ali Avaei who has been a member of the Liberal Democratic party for more than a decade immigrated to Great Britain in 2001. He is running for Newcastle upon Tyne Central constituency.Shame on you alot of people have been kieled by his famili just this november protesting unaremed shot in the head by iranian security his uncel is  minister of justice blood pooring betwin his families fingers shame on you

  3. LibDems are Conservative agents hell bent on sabotaging UK elections and enabling Tory's to win a corrupt ineffective first past the post general election by stealing votes from the labour party !!

  4. Why are all the main parties backing the climate change scam perpetuated by the Bias Broadcasting company and David Actorbore and designed to benefit the banks by charging us all for carbon taxes?  The BBC is even using our licence money to promote the new world order agenda – BBC Radio 4 is running a Christmas special on its Today programme with the abused child Greta Thunberg and the Canadian Governor of the Bank of England NWO Mark Carney.

  5. Well improving the economy from within a non competitive contained single market and customs union leaves her no choice to Tax people, does it not occur to her the economy can pay for those things and more given half a chance? after all she's just ignored a majority so why not Tax us as well. Really hard not to use foul obsene language listening to this pathetic crap, sounds like a 13 year old … no offence to 13 year olds. 8 minutes is like 4 hours.

    People are a Country's resourse not a Tax cash machine and the sooner MP's who think they're the Country's resourse see it the better it'll be for everyone.

  6. Why is the UK a super nanny state? It’s like the people in the UK are completely incapable of being grownups or being responsible for their own actions! So a whole country who never left their mom and dads basement! Stand on your own two feet as an individual make good decisions and take responsibility for the bad ones! Ridiculous people !

  7. This is the most obnoxious, untrustworthy hag in politics, when it comes to dishonesty she is rivaled only by Corbyn. Her fight to stay in the EU has everything to do with her personal gain & nothing to do the good of the people living in the UK… Everything about Jo Swinson is bad, this is the bride of Chucky.

  8. Probably the most deluded politician in the uk today (apart from nickerless sturgeon) she went on the "I WILL BE PRIME MINISTER" did she not learn from the David Steels rant when he shout from the roof tops "liberals get ready for government" also her use of the word bloke. sexist?????

  9. I know that waving your hands is a 'powerful' way to emphasize a point. And she probably learned this on some public speaking course. But to do so while making promises regarding tuition fees? When we know that she did this a few years ago and was actually lying. As the lib dems actually trippled tuition fees. This is why people are disgusted with the traitor political class. I hope the lib dems end up like the rest of us having earn money through honest means like decent normal people. These people need a dose of reality. For instance a job.

  10. Deluded Jo is Gambling every single policy on a 50 Billion BET she has no control over the outcome
    LIB DEMS entire Manifesto is entirely based on EU saying Yes to LIB DEMS Revoking Article 50
    If EU says NO LIB DEMS we won't let you Revoke article 50 LIB DEMS will Loose every single policy as they won't have the 50 Billion they banking on
    Jo Swinson is BETTING the UKs future on a 50Billion to 1 BET she may loose on

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