Teen Says Relationship With Married Boyfriend Is ‘Perfect, Definitely Fantastic’

An 18-year-old says her relationship with her boyfriend, a married father of two, is “perfect.” So why isn’t the teen, who says she has nowhere to stay, living with …


  1. The fact that the kids know of her and hide her from their mom, it's absolutely sickening. Eric is a piece of trash and anyone who'd stick by him…Just go duck yourself. This girl is delusional and must not value herself much if she's staying with him. There's tons of men. Why have a taken one?

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  3. That little girl needs a wake up call. Id be more than happy to give her one. Shes nothing but a side piece and yet she is proud of it. That is degrading to herself.

  4. “He got me this designer purse” I’m not materialistic but honey that Michael Kors bag was from Ross for $20. I would know since I shop there 😂

  5. Wow what a great mom not knocking the lights back into her ignorant daughter who is fooling around with a grown man like are you kidding me🤦🏽‍♀️ she acts like she knows all about him but for all she knows he could be making a whole story for her to be under him. Stupid girls

  6. “Eric buys me food, clothes, designer purse and my phone case…he cares a lot about me.” Lol I’m ded. Your parents give you that as well. They care way more about you lol

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