Smoking on CBD in Texas

I.G: @HIGHASFUCKYO CBD Hemp Flower review. Hemp flower by: CBD Axis™️. I am from San Antonio, Texas and this was filmed in San Antonio as well.


  1. Heavy stoner, and even my last name says so. Texas is ass-backwards with Ganja and such so I switched to CBD Flower today. Watching your review 1st. Much love. Thanks for the review. 'Bout to try mine.

  2. You only get drug tested at shitty jobs. You wanna make like stupid amounts of money? Get into massage therapy school and in like 6 months you’ll be making crazy good money. I live in stone oak and I got friends who work at the wood house spa at the rim and they got hired straight out of school. We all get high and they get paid $21 hourly straight out of school. Plus tips bro. $10 if you are like at work but don’t have any clients booked.

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