Rob Gronkowski speaks out about NFL retirement | ABC News

The three-time Super Bowl champ and Patriots’ star joins “GMA” for his first live interview since announcing his retirement from football at age 29. READ MORE: …


  1. I cant stand tht little short mf on gma Steven A was on there talking about the Patriots and then he talking about maybe it was a mistake what happened with the filming and then he said something about the West Point kids putting up the white supremacist sign talking about maybe that's not what it meant shut your dumb ass up bt ron u was the man

  2. Shit, I’d play 8-10 years and retire too. Dude has plenty of scratch. Why get beat up when you have millions of dollars in the bank? Be a young man still and enjoy life. He’s got plenty of money to invest and plenty of opportunities outside of being on the field. Fuck yeah. Go Gronk! 👊🏻

  3. Turn this into something "fun" if you want…But this guy is not ok…it's like he always has a constant concussion. I don't know if it's because of too many hits on the field or if he's just the stereotypical dumb jock who got passed through school because he could play and no one worried about his education. Either way…he can keep his rings and millions…I'll take being coherent.

  4. Everyone jumps down Andrew Luck throat for retiring at age 29 for injuries and not enjoying football anymore. This dude fucking retires and evryone says o congrats and enjoy life and retiremnt, good luck. SMH

  5. One of the GREATEST to ever play the game ! And the greatest to play his position. He has NOTHING left to prove. 3 Super Bowl rings & endorsement deals, cbd oil . Kid is Tough as Nails . Good luck to you kid, retired at 29. And still have your whole life ahead of you. Proof you don’t have to kill yourself for the sport before you choose to walk away.

  6. My name is not Jim and I played in the NFL for 2 years. I was a no name player and was mostly special teams. I played D1 college football for a top team and I can tell you one thing, I have pain in my body beyond your imagination and I was definitely no Rob Gronkowski and the hits are devastating week in and week out

  7. People like to shit on these players for leaving the game, but I played football last year for high school and that shit requires a lot of dedication and time to stay fit and be good, but to be in the NFL you need to be the best, many players get really hurt every year. This sport is very exhausting on the body, and the last thing you want is brain issues

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