Nutsedge – Pre-Emergent PROGRAM?

Nutsedge is a big problem among many turf types. It seeming comes back year after year. However, utilizing these application techniques and product rotations, …


  1. Great information! Going to give this a try. I have a flower bed infested with nutsedge. Though I’m a little nervous re-calculating oz per acre to oz for 10 sq ft 😱

  2. Nice video. I do hope it works for you in the long run. The roots in the ground can go very deep and hard to kill the nuts. Not sure if your product is a systemic one or not but it needs to be if you want to kill it for good. The percentage seems to be pretty low on the label. If it comes back next year try using a product called Dismiss herbicide. Still might take a couple shots to kill it though even with a pro product. I use 4 oz per treatment for 1 acre lawn. No more than 12 oz per year.

  3. Just give me the name of something that is going to get rid of it…………I don't care if it kills everything else …….I can replant grass in a couple of years……I'm not interested in the technical shit………I'm not trying to control it……..

  4. Matt, I’m in South Florida and have St, Aug. Next year I plan on putting down prodiamine in Jan and Feb based on my 55 and 65 degree temps. If I want to follow your NUTSEDGE plan and also put down pennant magnum in March, celero in April, and monument in may, would this be too much pre/post emergent? Should I put down all at half rates. What would be your recommendation for a normal preemergent program coupled with a NUTSEDGE program. Thanks

  5. Image will blast the nutlets off that crap ….. but it’s a gamble if your favorable turf will survive the app. Kalinga on the other hand…I did a lawn late last summer that was 2 acres of nothing but kalinga an app of dismiss and Celsius and a high quality Humic Acid app sent it to weed hell.. it’s as clean as grandmas house right now…. great video!

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